Saturdays 12:30p-9p

Sundays 12:30p-6p

April 2020

4 - 5

11 - 12

breathe deep

  • Introduction to the Energetic Body​

  • Exploration of Meditation

  • Pranayama

  • Nadis & Qi

  • Meridians & Correlating Poses

  • Anatomy

  • Techniques & Sequencing


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The act of surrender is a union of clarity, presence, truth and letting go. Yin Yoga gifts us with a deep release, relaxation and peace of mind through the art of stillness. At times, our lives are moving so fast that we don’t have time to acknowledge internal blockages or stuck energy until we feel depleted or burnt out. This course is my take on Yin, weaving in restorative postures and tools to access relaxation and surrender.

Upon completion of this training, students will have an understanding  of the modality of Yin Yoga. This is not a full Yin Yoga Training, though it gives already-certified teachers the ability to lead their own class and provides yin- lovers with the opportunity  to deepen their practice. This course does count towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education  Credits. You will receive a Yin Yoga Workbook and two sequences with this course. It is recommended that you read chapters 1-4 of Bernie Clark's, "The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga."  

(book is not included in the tuition of this training)

If you have any other questions regarding this training, please submit them at the bottom of the home page.