Introduced to meditation at the age of 14, Sima felt the same serenity and curiosity then as she did roaming the paths of her grandfather’s garden when she was a toddler. Sima took her first yoga class two years later, at 16, and felt it all connect - the curiosity met by a path toward true serenity. Sima began teaching yoga in 2014, having received her initial training from Angie Poon and Noell Clark. Since then she has continued to practice and study on and off the mat with keen interest in anatomy, philosophy and self transformation. Inspired by Meghan Currie, Erika Abrahamian and Marc Holzman, roaming the garden within herself, Sima has completed her 500 hour training under the tutelage of Mark Stephens.



Serving the community as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for over 20 years now, Jacob Chomicz applies his practice of yoga to every aspect of his daily life. Jacob has taught at and managed a therapeutic facility where he instructed patients recovering from stroke, back problems, arthritis as well as many other injuries. He also studied Watsu (Water Shiatsu) and instructed kids with disabilities. When he was working at a chiropractor's office he assisted/instructed pilates and personal training sessions. Jacob comes from a background of international competitive swimming and coaching. He is a father of two precocious daughters who along with his yogi wife inspire him everyday.


Jacob’s interest in yoga was sparked by his lifelong journey to understand himself and the human condition. He is currently enrolled in an 800-hour course, studying the History, Literature and Philosophy of Yoga under the tutelage of Georg Feuerstein.



Taraneh's journey with yoga has led her to become the Owner and Director of Be the Change Yoga & Wellness (BTC), a donation-based yoga studio in downtown San Jose, which seeks to make yoga & wellness accessible to its entire community. Through expanding the "Yoga for All" community-based programs through BTC, she has expanded her own scope of teaching and working in a range of community settings, from juvenile halls and high schools with The Art of Yoga Project to making yoga accessible in public spaces like parks, community centers, and local farms. Taraneh is a yoga studio owner, teacher, and community organizer, who utilizes yoga and mindfulness as a platform to connect people around authentic and compassionate living and action and to uplift people who have been marginalized socio-culturally, economically, and/or systemically.